Fumed Gold/Blue Color Dab Rig With Banger and Percolator 7 Inches

Elevate your dabbing experience with our Fumed Gold/Blue Color Dab Rig, meticulously crafted to deliver unmatched style and performance. This premium dab rig combines stunning aesthetics with superior functionality, making it a standout addition to any dabbing enthusiast’s collection.

Key Features:

  • Fumed Glass Design: The dab rig features a mesmerizing fumed glass design that changes color with heat, creating a dynamic visual experience while you dab.
  • Quartz Banger Included: Comes with a high-quality quartz banger, allowing for efficient heat retention and optimal vaporization of concentrates.
  • Percolator for Smooth Hits: Equipped with a precision-crafted percolator, this rig delivers smooth and filtered hits, enhancing the flavor and overall dabbing experience.
  • Sturdy Construction: Made from durable borosilicate glass, known for its heat resistance and durability, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Compact and Portable: Despite its impressive features, this dab rig is compact and portable, making it ideal for both home use and on-the-go dabbing sessions.

How to Use:

  • Fill the dab rig’s water chamber with enough water to cover the percolator.
  • Heat the quartz banger with a torch until it reaches the desired temperature.
  • Place your concentrate onto the heated banger using a dab tool.
  • Inhale gently through the mouthpiece to enjoy smooth and flavorful vapor.

Maintenance Instructions:

  1. Clean the dab rig regularly with isopropyl alcohol and salt to maintain cleanliness and preserve its pristine appearance.
  2. Handle the glass rig with care to avoid accidental breakage.

Note: Torch, dab tool, and other accessories shown in product images are for illustration purposes only and may not be included unless specified.


Gold, Blue